Heroic Mission Rescues Desperate Yazidis From ISIS, Video

Heroic Mission Rescues Desperate Yazidis From ISIS, Video

CNN did an excellent job providing the following story.  You can view the video on their site.

(CNN) — The Iraqi air force and fighters with the Kurdish peshmerga carried out a dramatic rescue mission Monday at Mount Sinjar, taking supplies to desperate Yazidis and bringing some on board the helicopter to make it safely out.

A CNN crew was on the flight that took diapers, milk, water and food to the site where thousands of people have been driven by ISIS, which calls itself the Islamic State.

CNN’s Ivan Watson, who was on the chopper, described the mission as “heroic.”

Teams hurled out bags and boxes of food from as high as 50 feet before approaching the ground.

“We landed on several short occasions, and that’s where — amid this explosion of dust and chaos — these desperate civilians came racing towards the helicopter, throwing their children on board the aircraft. The crew was just trying to pull up as many people as possible,” Watson said.

Read more and view video: http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/11/world/meast/iraq-rescue-mission/index.html

  1. Yezidi are *not* Christians, you morons! Nor are they Muslims.
    Before you publish, you should get informed. That means you should be educated to understand that you need to get informed first.

    By the way: all humans had ancient natural religions before the 3 messiah nonsense religions caused so much disturbance in the world in the last 2500 years.

    • Kat, the article you commented on did not say Yezidi were Christians. There was a tag on it but that is not the article so your comment is strange.

      Also you used the term Moron. That is a term for a certain IQ level. People do not control their own IQ level so to use it as a swear word is depise people for something they can not control. You may not have known that, but now you do.


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