Ferguson Shooting Facts Come Out, Robbery Arrest?, Shot Running Away?, Officer IDed, Video of Robbery

Ferguson Shooting Facts Come Out, Robbery Arrest?, Shot Running Away?, Officer IDed, Video of Robbery

If this information were released the same day, riots may have been avoided or reduced. Why such key evidence, has been withheld so long, is not easy to explain.

The looters and rioters have no excuse, their guilt is not in question. The mystery is why the police withheld the information that Brown was a robbery suspect for a crime that had happened about ten minutes before the shooting of Brown.  Surely if that was the reason for the struggle between Brown and the officer, the officer would have reported it immediately after the shooting.

The chief also finally named the police officer who shot Brown, Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran of the force with no prior disciplinary record. He also said that Brown was a suspect in the robbery and that police were looking for Michael Brown as the suspect, at the time of the shooting. Although they had not told Wilson that.   This somewhat conflicts with the initial police claims.    It does however provide a possible motive for Brown to rush the police car, if he thought he was going to be arrested if the officer got out.  Only the officer claims he was rushed in the car, so far.

To further confuse matters, Fox News , in a video report below, said that Officer Wilson was told about the robbery and was looking for the robber after dropping other matters.  It is hard to say what is the truth, and the Ferguson police statements have not helped in that regard.

The police chief released the photos of the robbery, a $40 robbery of cigars in which the robber towered over the clerk he assaulted. The suspect does look like Michael Brown who is 6’4″ and 280 pounds. He is wearing the same baseball cap and in the same manner Brown was depicted wearing the cap, in older photos.  In fact his friend who was with him that day, Dorian Johnson, has admitted it is Brown in the video.


A major factor mentioned in this case was that Brown was unarmed. That does not automatically establish guilt.  More important than that, is the testimony of two eyewitnesses.  In TV interviews, they say Brown was running away before he was shot the first time.  They say that he then stopped, after he was hit,  turned around with his hands up and was shot several times more.   If this is true, it would clearly be an unjustified homicide, whether by police or a citizen.

Here is one of the videos, showing the person who is a possible suspect, Dorian Johnson, as he was with Brown at the time of the robbery and shooting. 

However a woman, who did not know Brown, who lived nearby had a somewhat similar story. Her interview, which we believe is more objective, as she was not involved in any way, is here: http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/14/us/ferguson-michael-brown-shooting-5-things/index.html

How many shots were fired?

CNN today reported:

This is murky, but all parties agree Brown was shot multiple times.

Mitchell said it was “more than about five or six” times, while Johnson said it was more than three.

Brown’s mother said she was told he was shot eight times. Some witnesses said they heard as many as 10 shots.

Belmar said only that it “was more than just a couple.”

It is absurd that six days after a shooting, that police have not given any information about how many shots were fired and how many hit Brown.

This is not rocket science.  Within an hour it should have been known.  Police have to account for every bullet fired while on duty.  If he had a semi-auto, shots fired is determined by the casings on the ground, and how many were left in the magazine.  If a revolver, a 10 second check of the gun would reveal that.   Also how many entrance wounds were found on the body?  An autopsy  normally takes one day.

That today the police have still not revealed, at least a minimum number of shots and hits, is as believable as the IRS losing emails after they were subpoenaed. The reason the info is being withheld is most likely because it is incriminating.

The bottom line as to why the riots have been so bad, seems to be a combination of evil looters and mob rule/lynch mob crowd behavior, and the government withholding  information.


  1. The timing or release of any of the information in the Furgerson Missouri incident would have no impact on the rioting and looting that has and is taking place. The people that are of lawless mindset , only needed the excuse to start the lawless rioting and they got that trigger and they are using it.

    • Hi Mike, there are more clear cut cases of police crimes, we will put up video of a Denver courtroom, where out of no where a guard attacks a defendant who is shackled just talking to the judge, doing nothing wrong. The police guard was not even punished for a year, even though it happened on video in front of a judge. No protests at all, the national media has ignored it.

      In this case do believe the withholding of info did not help, and the lack of condemnation of the looters by the media and politicians made it worse. How many shots were fired is easy to figure out, almost real-time. I week later they still have not said.

      In regard to “Understanding not condemnation” http://aun-tv.com/ferguson-riots-appear-to-have-caused-another-shooting-one-factor-that-is-not-being-talked-about/

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments

  2. He was shot like animal because he was acting like one!

    • Jordan, the robbery and shooting may have had no relation, the police now say the officer did not know about it, although they did. Am just guessing here, the withholding of evidence the police must have, is an indicator of wrongdoing by officer. They are not supposed to shoot if the are running away.

      That said the looters are 100% guilty of crime.

      • @Dana Allen

        He was shot in the back? I did not know that??

        It doesn’t matter whether or not police knew. He is on video minutes before shooting acting in an aggressive animalistic behavior simultaneously stealing while committing assault. For those of you that are unaware this is “breaking the law”. Therefore “breaking the law” makes you a criminal.
        I doubt his encounter with local authorities was any more pleasant than that he had with the shop owner. If he had been walking home from college classes, church, the library or even a friends house things could be interpreted differently. However he was not, he had just committed a crime (several).

        Now thanks to people like that Vampire bat looking “Reverend” Al Sharpton keeping his own race down for his financial benefit people have an excuse to loot, steal, and seek entitlements. Al Sharpton is a race hustler plain and simple.

        • Eventually Sharpton will be right, after being wrong about 8 times in a row he is due.

          Even if Brown charged the officer, after he ran away it would be illegal to shoot him. Stealing cigars and even assault is not grounds, legally, to shoot.

          The looters are more in the wrong than Brown. When they are torching a building in a riot, it is grounds to shoot someone.

  3. And you have a tattoo on you neck…there goes your credibility!


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