Border Patrol Admits Citizenship Doesn’t Really Exist Under Obama

Border Patrol Admits Citizenship Doesn’t Really Exist Under Obama

A remarkable video captured by a truck driver passing through a Texas checkpoint summarizes the sad situation on the border, as the influx of illegal immigrants continues to explode in number. Trucker Travis Pope of Dayton, Texas,captured footage of a border patrol agent last week revealing utter frustration, as the crisis continues to swell.

As Pope approached the checkpoint, the agent greeted him and asked “how many people on board?”

“Me” Pope replied. The agent then routinely asked if Pope is a U.S. citizen, to which the trucker replied “Yeah, but does it really matter?”

“Not anymore, unfortunately.” replied the border agent before thanking Pope and allowing him on his way.

The response may have been so brutally honest owing to the fact that it was captured on I-CAM video glasses, meaning that the agent was most likely unaware he was being filmed.

It succinctly summarizes what the border patrol and people living on the borders are facing up to.

A leaked Customs and Border Protection report, details of which emerged this past weekend, provides some context. The document, leaked to Breitbart, notes that individuals from more than 75 countries have recently attempted to enter the U.S. over the borders.

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