An “activist” attorney general is a lawless attorney general, Sylvia Thompson

An “activist” attorney general is a lawless attorney general, Sylvia Thompson

Attorney General Eric Holder has declared himself “an activist” attorney general. That admission in itself insures that justice will not be applied equally or fairly. Activism requires that you embrace one cause over another cause, which is not justice, nor is it the job of an American Attorney General.

Given Holder’s racist tendencies, against whom is his judicial activism directed? White Americans, of course. And how would we expect white Americans to take this kind of injustice from the chief law officer of the land? If I were white, I know darn well how I would take it – with complete disgust, fear, and anger, and a mind racing to determine how best and how quickly to take this man down.


I realized very early on that Eric Holder is no more suited for judicial stewardship over America than a Grand Dragon of the Klan. Klansmen are activists for their causes. An attorney general’s job is to ensure that Constitutional law is adhered to, and that all laws, to the best that is humanly possible, serve the greater good of the American people. If an Attorney General fails miserably to uphold the laws of this nation, that Attorney General is to be impeached – removed.

Eric Holder is confident in his corrupting of the Justice Department, because of his relationship with Barack Obama, who is corrupting the country. I understand perfectly well the motives of these two leftist operatives. What I do not comprehend and refuse to accept is the failure of America’s elected politicians to deal effectively with these men. Congress has been given the power to address lawless behavior in government, and that power includes impeachment and removal.  Read More:

  1. Dana, I’m glad you posted this commentary by Sylvia Thompson. Her report of the ‘truth’ she has observed is very brave.


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