259 Bodies in One Texas County, Local Rancher “All This Blood We See Out Here is on Obama’s Hands”

259 Bodies in One Texas County, Local Rancher “All This Blood We See Out Here is on Obama’s Hands”
  • Rancher shares grotesque photos with MailOnline, saying Obama bears the blame for a rising death toll among illegal immigrants
  • Volunteer patrol network in south Texas has found 259 bodies in one county alone, maybe 20 percent of the actual body count
  • Border Patrol source concedes the agency has no idea how many are perishing between the border and official government checkpoints
  • Filmmaker says he warned Congress in 2007 that children were becoming drug cartels’ newest pawns.

Britain’s MailOnLine has covered a story that is being censored by many USA news companies.  We will not show the pictures here, they are gory, but will provide a link to their story below.  We salute them for covering this story.  The above redacted photo is from a volunteer group that finds dead border crossers regularly.  The pictures that Texas veterinarian and rancher Dr. Mike ‘Doc’ Vickers of Brooks County has provided to MailOnLine are horrific.


Vickers, 64, told MailOnline on Wednesday that since 2012 his organization, the Texas Border Volunteers, has counted 259 dead bodies in his native Brooks County alone, including those of children.

‘And we’re probably only finding 20 per cent of them. A lot of people die out here.’

‘We find a hell of a lot of women,’ he said. ‘Three of the last ones who have died on my ranch have been women. We found a dead 12-year-old boy on my neighbor’s property.’

Some have the good fortune to find Vickers and his crew.

‘We’ve rescued some small children, quite a few,’ Vickers recalled. ‘One boy, 11 years old, was left behind 8 or 9 miles off the highway. He had no idea where he was.’ The border volunteers gave him water and arranged for U.S. Border Patrol agents to pick him up.

‘I’ve seen families out in my front yard under a tree,’ he said, ‘with little bitty toddlers with them.’

The group of about 300 amateur patrolmen go out in teams of up to 40 armed men at a time for 4- to 5-day patrols, reporting to Border Patrol agents and Texas Rangers on where the immigrant traffic is heaviest.


For the mild-mannered vet, the buck stops in the Oval Office.

‘All this blood we see out here is on Obama’s hands.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2712187/EXCLUSIVE-A-lot-people-die-blood-Obamas-hands-Shocking-images-corpses-illegal-immigrants-left-die-border-crossings

He says that because Obama has lured people on the highly dangerous trek to USA.   When asked, many of the survivors say that it is Obama actions and words that made them decide to risk it.  AUN-TV has reported on how Obama has lured the children here in the following articles.






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