Rush to Judgement on MH17, Declared Russian Missile Strike Almost Immediately

Rush to Judgement on MH17, Declared Russian Missile Strike Almost Immediately

TWA800 was immediately suspected as being downed by a missile strike, because hundreds of people on Long Island saw one or two missiles head towards the 747,  just before the 747 exploded.  Yet we were told by most news media companies it would take months to know what caused the mid-air explosion.

The Malaysian 777 possible mid-air explosion was apparently witnessed by fewer people than TWA800,  until after the plane exploded on the ground.  Yet news headlines from around the world claimed not only was it brought down by a missile,  but that it was a Russian missile.  AUN-TV did report the initial sources saying it was a missile strike

AUN-TV did not identify who shot the missile, only that who shot it would have major consequences.    It is striking how radically different these two suspected airliner missile strikes have been reported.  For background on TWA800 press reaction, read

There apparently is no videos, so far, of a missile hitting MH17 nor any of a missile exhaust trial, just photos of the plane burning on the ground.  Here is an example of the first images released.  There are no known  videos showing a mid-air explosion or any evidence there ever was one.


The earliest video we have found is this one, where nearby townspeople say it has been shot down,  and later a smoke plume from the ground is seen.   It is hard to see any evidence that the plane was on fire or smoking on the way down.  You can watch it for yourself here:

The best evidence that it was shot down is the townspeople on that video saying so, before the ground explosion. The video does not show any evidence we can see that it was hit by a missile. Which is odd. TWA800 was a fireball descending from the sky with a huge black smoke trial behind it, before it hit the water. This video, ignoring the audio, looks the same as an ordinary accidental plane crash, air to ground.  In fact it tends to indicate no mid-air explosion or missile strike happened.

Maybe there will be a video that does show a missile strike and the plane coming down in pieces. The debris field does indicate it was blown up in the sky at high altitude, as wreckage is spread over miles, at least according to press accounts.  AUN-TV has found one video of paper debris falling

AUN-TV has looked for videos of Russian Buk missiles (the suspected missile) in action to see if they do not have exhaust trials.  We found several.  The answer is they have very easy to see exhaust trials. Below is a picture of that and a video of one striking a target.


So far this story does not quite add up.  The majority of press accounts are shooting first and asking questions later.

  1. Good research. Glad you shared this because it certainly would not have occurred
    to me. This adds a new dimension to this tragedy and it will be interesting to watch
    future coverage.


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