First Evidence of Missile Strike, FT Photos of External Holes in Plane, AUN-TV Analysis

First Evidence of Missile Strike, FT Photos of External Holes in Plane, AUN-TV Analysis

MH17 crash: FT photo shows signs of damage from missile strike


MH17 wreckage in Ukraine©Financial Times

MH17 debris in Petropavlovka, eastern Ukraine. Photo FT/Roman Olearchyk

The first apparent hard evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was brought down by a surface-to-air missile is emerging from the crash site in eastern Ukraine, after experts confirmed on Monday there were signs of shrapnel damage to the aircraft.

The photograph above, first published by the Financial Times over the weekend, shows a piece of the downed Boeing 777 about a metre square with a gaping hole in the middle, surrounded by smaller holes and apparent burn marks.

There is video that is part of FT Report Here:


AUN-TV Analysis:

First we commend FT, the British Financial Times, for correctly stating this is the first hard evidence of a missile strike, days after Malaysian MH17 went missing.  Just taking the word of a government that something has happened, or some party is guilty of an act, is reckless.  In this particular case the Ukraine and USA governments have said Russian Separatists shot it down with a missile and Russia has said the Ukraine government shot it down with a missile, even implying that Putin’s own plane, which they claim was in the area, was the real target. This proves that governments give false info, as at least one of these two stories has to not be true, and maybe both are untrue.  There is no photo or video evidence of a missile being fired or that the plane was hit, only a ground explosion with no plane to be seen in the video frames before the ground explosion.


Does this photo, as FT claims, show a missile strike?  It is a mixed bag.


The FT photo is not high resolution.  We have blown it up and it is good enough to see three different trajectories of perforating objects that made holes in the 777 cabin panel, apparently just below a passenger window or the cockpit window.  It is color coded. Black = External Source, Blue = Sideways (both External and Internal) and Orange = Internal source of object that perforated the cabin.   This can be determined because the aluminum peels in the direction of the object or bullet exits. The lower Orange hole is clearly peeled to the outside.

So what can we tell from this photo?  That a high explosive event took place.  Also that if this piece of the airliner has not been tampered with,  objects from three different angles perforated the skin.  How could this be possible?  Although unusual, it is possible.  If a warhead detonates in a high speed missile, it can indeed explode both outside and inside.  It takes a while to explode and it it hit at 2,500 mph,  it can indeed start exploding outside and finish inside or even out the other side.

This is another piece of the puzzle, that hopefully will be helpful in finding the truth.



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