Christians, Hounded Out of Mosul, Trapped in Desert and Refugee Camps, USA News Media Mostly Censors Story

Christians, Hounded Out of Mosul, Trapped in Desert and Refugee Camps, USA News Media Mostly Censors Story

Report from International Business Times:

Seventy-year-old Yacub was among the few Christians who did not obey the Isis ultimatum issued to all Christians to leave the city of Mosul by 19 July. He was too old to leave.

When the Sunni extremists came forcing their way into his house to kill him, his Muslim neighbours pleaded with the rebels to spare him.

“All the people in my neighbourhood were Muslim. They came to help me — about 20 people — at the door in front of my house. They tried to convince Isis not to kill me.”

They spared him but took away his ID card and threw him out of his house.

Mosul had boasted a Christian community for almost 2,000 years. But the al-Qaeda splinter group that took over the city last month gave Christians an ultimatum — stay and pay a tax or convert to Islam or be killed.

A report by Human Rights Watch found that homes in Mosul were painted with the letter “N” for Nasrani (the Arabic word for Christian). Others were painted with the letter “R” for Rafidah, a word commonly used by Sunnis to describe Shiites.

The vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq warned that the end for Christians in the country appears “very near”.

Trapped in desert

Canon Andrew White told BBC Radio 4Today that desperate Christians were trapped in the desert or on the streets with nowhere to go.

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This news story, one of the greatest religious persecutions of our time, is being ignored or trivialized  by many news companies in America.  Their motive?  Is it because they dislike Christians?  Is it because they think truthfully reporting what is going on makes Obama look bad?  Whatever their motive, the majority of the reporting of this story, in English language news media outlets, is being done outside of the United States.

As an example, CBS News has not written one story about this in the last week



The below video about this human and religious rights emergency, is by an Iranian news company.


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