Britain Claims to Have “Lost” CIA Rendition Flight Records, Or Did They?

Britain Claims to Have “Lost” CIA Rendition Flight Records, Or Did They?

First British newspapers reported that their government lost or destroyed records of CIA Rendition flights carrying captured terrorists stopping in British controlled Diego Garcia, after members of Parliament asked for them. An obvious parallel to the Obama Administration claiming to have lost IRS emails with great suspicion they were purposely destroyed.


Now there are reports the police have them.


First a July 12th report they were destroyed:

Secret government files relating to the use of British territory by the CIA’s notorious “rendition” flights have been accidentally destroyed, a Foreign Office minister has claimed.

“Rendition” is the euphemism used by the United States to describe its kidnapping of suspected terrorists for interrogation in other countries with lower legal thresholds of human rights regulations. Many of those “rendered” assert that they were subjected to torture. In 2008, the then Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said that CIA had twice used the British territory, Diego Garcia, to re-fuel its “rendition” flights.

However, subsequent reports suggest that the CIA used Diego Garcia on more than just those occasions. Successive British governments have also always strenuously denied rumours of a secret prison in Diego Garcia which was used as part of the CIA’s “rendition” programme. But it has been reported that a forthcoming report by the US Senate will allege that such a prison did, in fact, exist.

In 2008, CIA had twice used the British territory, Diego Garcia, to re-fuel its “rendition” flights.

Documents found in Tripoli after the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime in 2011 suggest that the CIA also sought to use Diego Garcia to refuel a 2004 flight forcibly carrying a leading Gaddafi dissident, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, and his pregnant wife.

Now RT has reported that someone has now given the police the supposedly destroyed records. 

Crucial logs that confirm the British overseas territory Diego Garcia was involved in the CIA’s black site rendition program as a secret prison have been passed to the UK police for further investigation, despite earlier claims that there were no logs.

Senate report points to UK ‘complicity’ in US extraordinary rendition

A Whitehall official was photographed earlier this week carrying documents marked as “sensitive,” which have been handed to detectives, the Observer reports.

The documents consist of a number of printed emails and handwritten notes and memos. They were written by an administrator for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s British Indian Ocean Territory section.

In notes scrawled onto the documents, the official suggests the press office of the Foreign Office should become “more active” on the issue. He also asks what information should be released. “What else in public domain?” he asks.


In polls the public in the USA overwhelmingly believes that the Obama Administration has destroyed Lois Lerner’s emails as part of a coverup.   If someone in the government here will do what someone in Britain did, release her supposedly destroyed emails, it will most helpful in getting to the truth about the IRS.


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