Border Crisis, Cuellar Proving to be Independent Voice in Congress

Border Crisis, Cuellar Proving to be Independent Voice in Congress

Many politicians in Congress sound like they are reading from scripts, and they are.  They are called “talking points”, and they are distributed to members by their Party.  Rep. Henry Cuellar, (R) TX, is not reading the provided script.




“Death Train” from Central America to USA


He is consistently saying things that indicate he thinks for himself.  President Obama has already taken him to the “woodshed” about his independent statements.  Yesterday in fact a “special meeting” with the Whitehouse was arranged for Cuellar.    Afterwards Cuellar still appeared to have his own thoughts.   An example of his unscripted thoughts is shown in the video below.


There is more.  It is Cuellar that revealed that one third of the young girls have been abused and raped on their way to USA.


“Certainly I hope they stop coming because we probably will have more deaths as the hot weather continues,” says Cuellar. “It’s not just the heat that could kill them but there are other dangers. Officials at Lackland Air Force Base told us that one-third of young girls that come across – and they were just like little babies; 10, 11, 14 years of age. That about one third of them get raped and/or abused on the way here.”


Congress would be very different, and many would think better, if there was less “Party Discipline” and more independent thinking by the legislators.   Cuellar does stand out with his independent thinking.

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