Benghazi Judge Selected, a Rookie and Member of Obama Team

Benghazi Judge Selected, a Rookie and Member of Obama Team

Washington Post uses his Father-In-Law/Partner as the only character reference! Has family ties to Eric Holder.

Is this truly just an accident?  Why has Casey Cooper not recused himself, in light of Obama’s known cover-up of the cause of Benghazi?


First today the Washington Post reported:

Just three months into his tenure on the federal bench, and before his formal investiture ceremony later this week, newly minted U.S. District Judge Christopher “Casey” Cooper has been handed one of the most high-profile and politically sensitive American terrorism cases in recent years.

Cooper, who was confirmed by the Senate in March, has been randomly assigned by the court’s selection system to preside over the U.S. government’s case against Ahmed Abu Khattala, a suspected ringleader in the deadly attack on U.S. outposts in Benghazi, Libya.

“He can handle it. Casey didn’t come from academia or a corporate boardroom. He came from the trial bar and he will be quite capable,” said William Jeffress, a partner at Cooper’s former law firm who is also his father-in-law.

Cooper, 47, was part of the Obama administration’s transition team and is one of the more connected people in D.C. legal circles. His wife, Amy Jeffress, is a former national security adviser to Attorney General Eric Holder.


This report by the Washington Post is unusual.  They report no criticism, or even questions about Cooper’s qualifications, just his father-in-law saying he is qualified for what be the most important trial of 2014.  The WP background on Cooper is mostly conflicts of interest, but the WP does not mention that.

Furthermore why should there be no suspicions the selection was rigged?   Already the Obama Administration has had to admit they rigged the IRS tax exempt process for groups with “Tea Party” in their name, delaying those requests often for years, while giving such status to an Obama brother (Malik) in what may be a record fast time, one month.

Since the Obama Administration is known to have rigged the IRS, why not suspect the judge selection in this case is also rigged?

Another interesting aspect of this case is that multiple reporters were able to interview Khattala, including CNN, even though the Obama Adminstratyion said he was the mastermind and that they were desperately trying to capture Khattala.  How can that be?   How can CNN and Fox easily find Khattala and Obama’s FBI/CIA can not? Khattala even said that they were not looking for him, in the interview below. In fact CNN discusses in the video how easy it was to meet in public with Khattala.  The official explanation of Benghazi, even the new one by the Obama Administration, does not seem to add up.

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