AUN-TV Video: CNN Censors Cooper Over Lack of Plane in MH17 “Crash”?

AUN-TV Video: CNN Censors Cooper Over Lack of Plane in MH17 “Crash”?


AUN-TV Has Scaled Videos of Both The MH17 777 and The Bagram 747 Crash. MH17 Should Have Been Visible, But Was Not.



Bagram 747 crash of left, BH17 explosion on right.

When CNN first showed the video of BH17 falling from the sky and exploding on the ground, Anderson Cooper and Richard Quest are mystified by what they see.   There is no plane or wreckage falling from the sky, just a ground explosion.  Cooper starts saying that, and his audio is cut off mid sentence and mid word as he seems to be saying “you do not, as far as we can see, —– (see the plane)”.  Did CNN audio censor Cooper, listen and you be the judge.  This video is pulled directly from CNN’s website.

It is included in AUN-TV’s mini-documentary you can view below, about the mysterious lack of a plane in the crash videos.  In March Jason Kissner wrote an article for AUN-TV that predicted it was likely a second plane would vanish which in some ways seems to be what happened.  It is worth another read.



Whereas the three known of videos showing the explosion, all lack any visible airliner in them, there are eyewitness accounts. The below RT video showing holes through roofs and townspeople talking about bodies falling, is quite convincing. One person says a wing broke off on the way down. That matches the photo of a wing alone in a field. That happened to TWA800. Since the bodies are blurred in this video, most people should be able to watch this.

Yet the mystery of the missing plane in terms of being in the videos,  persists days after the suspected missile shoot down. How could this happen over the top of a town with no one using their cell phone to video it?  Cell phones are very common in the Ukraine, over 61 million in use a year ago. The wing alone would be very visible, in a cell phone video.  The mystery continues.

  1. I told you it was blown up on the ground.!

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