Border Agent Issues Desperate Plea for Help, Says US Completely Overrun By Criminal Aliens

Border Agent Issues Desperate Plea for Help, Says US Completely Overrun By Criminal Aliens

A US Border Patrol agent stationed in South Texas has reached out to Infowars in a desperate plea for help, stating more than half of immigrants crossing the border end up doing so successfully and that many of those are the most criminal types.

“As a Border Patrol Agent, I can tell you as an eye witness that we are currently losing more than we are catching,” the agent claims, whose name has been withheld to protect him from retaliation.

Labeling efforts to secure the border an “ongoing crisis,” the agent points to numerous issues further adding to the fruitless task, including a lack of staffing, a lack of support from the American people and the Obama administration’s refusal to acknowledge the crisis.

Patrolling the Rio Grande Valley sector, the United States’ southernmost border with Mexico and its most porous, the agent says immigrants who evade capture are typically the most violent.

“The ones we are losing are convicted felons, aliens from special interest countries, and other high risk individuals. We are so overwhelmed and preoccupied by the flood of juveniles and family units that we cannot use our resources to catch the more serious aliens,” the agent states.

Furthermore, the agent says, under the direction of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, immigrants are being rounded up and released in largely-Hispanic populated South Texas towns, such as Brownsville and McAllen, because “fewer people will notice or care.”

“We have been doing that for months before the stories broke in Phoenix, Arizona a couple of weeks ago,” reports the agent.

Video, Obama Adm Is Prohibiting Border Patrol/ICE From Enforcing Law


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