AUN-TV Television Station List and Mission Statement

AUN-TV Television Station List and Mission Statement

American Uncensored News Network

AUN-TV Station Channel Numbers and Call Letters:

Channel = # viewed on your TV    RF= Actual Radio 

All Channels are on the Air Now, Except Channel 5 
Monterey which is not constructed yet (late 2015) and 
KTVJ  Channel 12 San Rafael/Marin which is expected to 
be on air in July 2015
Eight of Nine AUN-TV Channels are Shown 
on the Coverage Map to Left

K03HY  Channel 3, San Francisco, CA, RF 3, 2.4KW (being moved to SF now) 

KTVJ     Channel 12, San Rafael/Marin/North Bay, RF4

KQRO  Channel 45 San Jose/Silicon Valley, CA RF2, 5 KW

KUKR    Channel 27 Santa Rosa, CA, RF 26, 2KW

KFTY     Channel 45 Wine Country, CA, RF 2, 3KW

KRDT    Channel 23 Redding, CA, RF 23, 15 KW

K11VZ  Channel 11, Chico, CA, RF 11

KKPM   Channel 28, Sacramento/Chico, CA, RF 28, 15 KW

_____   Channel  5, Monterey, CA RF5  Future Construction

_____   Channel 13, Reno, NV Future Construction
_____   Channel 19, Carson City/Tahoe/Reno, NV Future Construction

Note: AUN-TV is viewed on sub-channel .7 so San Francisco 3 is 3.7

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Email: imageEmail We will email you color document of broadcast coverage for all stations.

12 million within broadcast area with external antennas, even with overlapping stations. About 8 million with small indoor antennas.

MISSION: American Uncensored News Network, AUN-TV, was founded to solve what may be America’s biggest problem: the near monopoly on television of corrupt and censored news that advances the world view and policies of a small group that is hostile to American Values. These values, such as Liberty and Justice for All, Economic Freedom, and Limited Government have already been severely damaged. The future of America depends on exposing and defeating this monopoly by having a truthful and legitimate alternative.

Coverage Map For All AUN-TV Stations

6-2014 AUN-TV AllStations CoverageMap50

Click on Map for Higher Quality Map

Coverage Map For K03HY Channel 3, San Francisco

K03HY San Francisco RiceLongleyGoogleMap



One of the Transmitter Rooms AUN-TV Uses


This is what that Transmitter Room Looks Like Inside


AUN-TV CEO Dana Allen during Channel 45 Wine Country Install

AUN-TV AntennaInstall                      AUN-TV TowerAntenna

Different Wave Lengths (RF Channel) and power require Different Types of Transmitting Antennas.  Here are two of AUN-TV’s Antenna Types.


TV Tower Locations have Amazing Views.  Dana Allen at one of our sites.

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