US News Summary 5/13/14

Over $5-Billion and Counting for Obamacare Websites

You thought had problems?

A handful of state-run exchange websites—which cost nearly half a billion dollars to build—still don’t work, nearly seven months after they first went live.

Largely inoperable state exchange websites in Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Nevada have racked up $474 million federal tax dollars so far, Politico first reported. The costs will continue to climb as states scramble to salvage the flailing websites or transition onto the federal exchange.

Alec Baldwin taken into custody for traffic violation, disorderly conduct in NYC

Alec Baldwin has run into trouble with the law once again. The notoriously hotheaded actor was taken into custody in New York City on Tuesday morning after he became belligerent with a police officer who stopped him on his bike, a spokesperson for the NYPD revealed to FOX411.

“Basically around 10:15, he was riding his bicycle the wrong way in vicinity of 16th and Fifth [Avenue] he was approached by the officers and was asked for [identification],” the spokesperson said. “He then became belligerent and started arguing, and he was taken into custody.”

Congress may be compelled to fly coach?

A bipartisan group of Congressmen introduced a bill Monday that would stop costly first-class flights by lawmakers at taxpayer expense and force representatives and senators to fly coach.

“As representatives of the American people, we in Congress have a responsibility to wisely use the people’s money,” said Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican, in a statement. “Members of the House and Senate should never secure their own luxury travel at taxpayer expense, but they especially should not do so when our nation is buried $17 trillion deep in debt.”

Karl Rove Backs Off Hillary ‘Brain Damage’ Comments

Republican strategist Karl Rove Tuesday denied he said that Hillary Clinton had suffered brain damage from a fall while saying the former secretary of state’s age and heath will become a campaign issue if she runs for president in 2016.

Despite the denial, Rove also claimed that Clinton could be covering up possible health problems, saying “she has hidden a lot.”

The New York Post reported that Rove had repeatedly stated at a Los Angeles conference  last week that the former secretary of state may have endured a severe brain injury when she fell at her home in Washington, D.C., and suffered a concussion while she was fighting a stomach virus.

Offer All Workers Federal Retirement plan?

Younger voters would face higher retirement ages but all Americans could join federal retirement accounts in a plan proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio, the latest in his series of national policy prescriptions.

Rubio, a first-term Republican senator from Florida who is weighing a presidential bid, is set to deliver a speech Tuesday about retirement programs. He is proposing an overhaul of federal programs to help younger workers save for their retirement, as well as protect programs for older voters who had assumed those programs would be there after they ended their careers.

Gun Store Sign: ‘I Likew My Guns Like Obama Likes His Voters: Undocumented’

A Texas gun store has put up a new sign that is grabbing people’s attention.

“I like my guns like Obama likes his voters: Undocumented,” the Tactical Firearms sign states.

The store’s owner, Jeremy Alcede, says the sign is meant to be looked at as a joke.

“Thank God for our First and Second Amendment rights,” Alcede told KTRK-TV in a statement. “It’s meant as a joke. It’s meant to be funny.”

Va. appeals court hears case against gay marraige ban

Amid hundreds of protesters who could be heard chanting inside the courthouse, a three-judge federal appeals court panel heard arguments over a federal judge’s decision to overturn Virginia’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Norfolk federal judge Arenda L. Wright Allen in February ruled the amendment was unconstitutional but stayed her order pending the appeal. That sent the case to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond.

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