The Media Rules Are A-Changing

By Neal West

We’re going to spend a moment and discuss the rules surrounding media and politics, because as Bob Dylan wrote… the times, they are a changing.

As I mention the topic, I can feel some of your eyes rolling into the back of your head, as others desperately search for some nerd to cheat off of, so you can go back to playing Candy Crush on your iPhone, instead of listening to what I’m about to tell you…

If you want to end up being worn like a lampshade, tune out… don’t worry about how 6 million people ended up in the oven, and what that has to do with ‘media rules’ and ‘politics’…. go back to your iPhone…

For the rest of you, this is all about propaganda. More specifically, it’s about controlling what you see and hear, and how that influences what you think, and feel.

The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Paul Goodman, told the Washington Examiner that some in his office would like to regulate the media in the same way we regulate a PAC. This is a BIG CHANGE to how we do things right now, and would remove the ability of News Outlets, Websites, Talk Shows, to endorse candidates or promote issues. The fear is, these changes would basically kill Talk Radio and websites like the Drudge Report.

As a Radio or TV station owner, there are already some very specific rules in how you are allowed to accept advertising dollars from a candidate. The rules are in place to keep some station owner from GIVING ad time to one candidate, while CHARGING another candidate $1 Million per 60 second spot…

However, these rules do not apply to PROGRAMMING, (or as we are fond of referring to it) all the stuff you see and hear in BETWEEN the commercials…YET. More importantly, these efforts to change the rules have not been balanced and aimed at ALL media.

No sir, it’s been focused on one political segment. Guess which one?

Sure, it seems like a good idea right? The Media must be controlled and not allowed to fall into the hands of those evil Republican Racists that hate poor people and want to throw granny on a cliff. 1st Amendment be damned.

Liberals are losing both their control of the media, as well as the public debate, and in my estimation, this effort is about picking winners and losers. And it has to stop.

The “Fairness Doctrine” has been dead since the 80’s. To review, the Fairness Doctrine was an FCC Policy that public broadcast license-holders must present important public issues, and give multiple perspectives in doing so.

The Policy was rooted in the early 50’s, when politicians were concerned that the three major broadcast networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC, which had a virtual monopoly on US Broadcast markets, could misuse their public license, and unfairly sway public opinion on national issues.

It is important to note that The FCC has never applied the Fairness Doctrine to a talk radio host, nor does the regulation force stations to give equal time for every perspective. But all that may change, if some at the FCC have their way. Goodman goes on to say: “I think that there are impulses in the government every day to second guess and look into the editorial decisions of conservative publishers.”

Are you kidding me? Editorial decisions are NOT subject to review by the Government. EVER. Statements like this from an actual Elections Commissioner, someone who makes and enforces these rules are chilling, and should be a MASSIVE red flag that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong with our Democracy.

It frustrates me to no end to be surrounded by people who are quickly losing the sense of what it means to be Free. Why we are even discussing limiting political speech on any level? A law prohibiting picketing anytime the Secret Service is present has already snuck past the American People. One of the first things a dictator does is abolish free speech, and imprison or kill anyone who doesn’t comply.

This is another systematic attack on the very Freedoms that make us all American, and the foundation of that is great about this Nation. Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, & Mao all had to control the media to enact their vision. Control the information and the outlets for providing it. We can’t let that happen in America.

Every day the thumb of Totalitarianism comes down just a wee bit harder than the day before. But that’s OK. Go back to your iPhone. Nothing to see here. The 1st Amendment be damned.


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