Rothschilds Host Hillary Clinton Fund Raiser for Former Wife of Criminal Guilty of 31 Felonies

Rothschilds Host Hillary Clinton Fund Raiser for Former Wife of Criminal Guilty of 31 Felonies

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, known a Lady de Rothschild, who joined the Rothschild Family after attending the 1998  Bilderberg Group conference in Scotland.  is hosting the event for Marjorie Margolies , formerly known as Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky  Margolies, who is the Mother-in-Law of Chelsea Clinton.  The Father-in-Law is convicted criminal Edward Mezvinsky.


Edward Mezvinsky, pictured,  a former Democrat Congressman, fell for Nigerian scams and in order to raise the funds needed to front the money for the fraudulent investment schemes, he was being offered, Mezvinsky became, himself, a conman, tapping his network of contacts and dropping the name of the Clinton family to convince unwitting marks to give him money.[11]

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.[12] Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. Shortly after his indictment, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the judge at his trial disallowed a mental illness defense.[5] He served his time at Federal Prison Camp, Eglin.[13] Mezvinsky, Federal Bureau of Prisons # 55040-066, was released in April 2008.[14] He remained on federal probation until 2011, and owes substantial restitution to his victims.[15]



This whole story is rather amazing in giving credence to suspicions that the Rothschilds and the Bilderberg Group are pulling strings at the highest levels of America.

Details of the event: Hillary Clinton will be the star attraction at a May 15 fundraiser for her daughter’s mother-in-law, Marjorie Margolies, who’s trying to recapture her old Pennsylvania congressional seat, POLITICO has learned.

It represents the first political activity Clinton — a potential 2016 Democratic presidential contender — has engaged in this year.

The event is being hosted by Lynn Forester de Rothschild, and the host committee is stacked with other supporters of Clinton, such as Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and Jill Iscol, according to a copy of the invitation. It will be held at de Rothschild’s midtown Manhattan home, not in the state where Margolies is campaigning.

Still, coming on the heels of a fundraiser Bill Clinton is doing for her, it’s a signal of ramped-up activity. Margolies is the mother of Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

Lady de Rothschild made a rather amazing statement in 2008 about Obama being too “ELITIST” in her decision to support McCain:

A prominent backer of Hillary Clinton is endorsing McCain.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN.

The announcement will take place at a news conference on Capitol Hill, just blocks away from the DNC headquarters. Forester will “campaign and help him through the election,” the spokesman said of her plans to help the Republican presidential nominee.

Forester was a major donor for Clinton earning her the title as a Hillraiser for helping to raise at least $100,000 for the New York Democratic senator’s failed presidential bid.

In an interview with CNN this summer, Forester did not hide her distaste for eventual Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

“This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don’t like him,” she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. “I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.”

Lady de Rothschild would be considered as one of the most elitist people in the world, making her statement about Obama rather amazing.

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