Radio: Tues. May 6 John Boehner faces Primary Challenger JD Winteregg

Radio:  Tues. May 6 John Boehner faces Primary Challenger JD Winteregg

Will Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives rush through AMNESTY as soon as John Boehner gets past the danger of a Republican primary this Tuesday, May 6, 2014?

John Boehner will face challenger JD Winteregg in the Ohio Republican Primary for re-election to Ohio’s 8th Congressional District (in Western Ohio).

Challenger Winteregg discussed his campaign against Boehner on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show on Friday, May 2.  He explained his “B.E.S.T.” immigration reform plan– without amnesty.


Winteregg says in the interview that Boehnder talks conservative but never does anything to advance conservative policies, Boehner has changed over the 23 years he has been in Congress, Boehner is hiding from the voters of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District while Winteregg says he has knocked on 20,000 doors and talked to 10,000 voters in other forums, and having John Boehner represent Ohio’s 8th Congressional District is just like having a Democrat in the office.  JD-Aimeesmall

Note that in 2010, major radio talk show hosts played a major role in tea party challengers winning primary elections against Republican incumbents.  Rush Limbaugh spent 3 hours talking about Christine O’Donnell while the polls were open in Delaware on September 14, 2010.   Rush Limbaugh reminded every conservative in Delaware to vote against Mike Castle and every conservative nationwide to remind anyone they knew inside Delaware to vote.

By contrast, in 2012 and so far this year in 2014, major radio talk show hosts have left the playing field and are sitting on the sidelines.  The failure of big talk radio conservatives to join the fight against the GOP establishment in 2012 and 2014 is one of the reasons that the dramatic tea party upsets of 2010 were not repeated in 2012 and 2014.  (In 2012 of course leading figures focused on the Presidential race, but largely ignored down ballot struggles.)

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