FEMINISTS FAIL TO BRAINWASH GIRLS: Boys being Jerks is not Sexual Violence

FEMINISTS FAIL TO BRAINWASH GIRLS:  Boys being Jerks is not Sexual Violence

“There are three kinds of lies:     lies, damned lies and statistics.” — Mark Twain, in his autobiography

The feminist world is aghast at a new survey showing that girls – even after decades of indoctrination – aren’t buying the feminists’ violent assault on the English language.  A new survey by the journal Gender & Society  is deceptively titled “Girls View Sexual Violence as Normal.”

The Feminist world and their liberal media friends are all upset  that today’s generation of girls won’t mis-identify boys being jerks as “sexual violence” or “sexual assault.”  One of the scams committed by feminists for decades is to torture the English language so as to count any discomfort between the sexes to vastly expand the statistics about rape.

The report highlights – that is, some of their best evidence — incidents such as:  During one interview, referring to boys at school, a 13 year-old girl states:“They grab you, touch your butt and try to, like, touch you in the front, and run away, but it’s okay, I mean… I never think it’s a big thing because they do it to everyone.”

That behavior is atrocious.  But the girls are right and the feminists are nuts.  Those actions by jerks are not “sexual violence” or “sexual assault.”

In years past, there would have been some violence… when the Dad got home and took off his belt to ‘splain to the boy that you don’t – ever – treat a girl that way.   The larger lesson from his study is what happens when public schools lose the power to maintain discipline in school.

The girls interviewed also“doubted if anything outside of forcible heterosexual intercourse counted as an offense or rape.”  “Forcible intercourse” is of course the definition of rape.  So the girls understand what rape is, but the feminists don’t like that definition.  (Sexual assault presumably is more general and involves other kinds of actions, but would not include in most people’s opinion mere conversation or a hug or a pat on the rear.)   Sociologist Heather Hlavka at Marquette University analyzed forensic interviews conducted by Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) with 100 youths between the ages of three and 17.

Okay, hold on.  Let’s clarify:  Traditionally rape was a capital crime.  That means the death penalty.  In those old times that were supposedly sexist, a rapist swung from the end of a rope.  Simple violence, whether sexual or not, would probably also result in very severe punishment in those old, “more sexist” times in our Anglo-American history.  Real sexual violence should be punished much more severely today than is happening, without all the Left-wing excuses and loopholes crippling law and order.

But the feminist project is to exaggerate statistics of rape, to help with fund-raising for feminist organizations, dishonestly portray all or most men as evil and to defame the mostly-decent people of our country (on average) as being awful.  Feminists for decades cite statistics that expand incidents of rape into “rape and other sexual assault.”

But then they expand the definition of “sexual violence” or “sexual assault” to mean any time a man makes an unwanted pass at a woman.  So statistics of “sexual violence” or “sexual assault” become gigantically inflated by including any time a man tries – through only conversation alone – to interest a woman in bedtime sports.

So Sandra Fluke demands taxpayer funds to pay for young women’s sexual exploits.  But if a man suggests taking advantage of Sandra Fluke’s government-funded benefits, it counts among feminism’s statistics of rape.  If a man gets a gal to say yes, the government should pay for it.  But if a man says no, thank you, the government should prosecute the man for the conversation.

The rational reader will say surely unless there is at least some touching, that isn’t being counted, right?  But you’d be wrong.  Read what feminists say very, very carefully.  They want us to include any time a woman just feels uncomfortable or intimidated alongside statistics of rape, just as if they are the same.

Meanwhile, everyone should understand the “study scam” that goes on in Washington and in national politics:  (a) The actual data says one thing.  (b) The report spins and skews the data to misrepresent the data.  (c) Then the Executive Summary is written, which further distorts, spins, and misrepresents the actual report.  Often the Executive Summary is not written by any of the experts involved in the study, but by partisan staff.  (d) Then the press release is written which further distorts the findings claimed in the Executive Summary, so that the press release now bears little resemblance to the original data.  (e) The headline on the press release bends reality even further.  (f) Journalists write a story that tilts the story even more.  (g) A headline writer at the newspaper, magazine, or website posts a headline that distorts the journalist’s article.  (h)  Other journalists and talk show hosts then go crazy with only the headline, which has nothing to do with the actual, real data.

Now, one may ask, are you doing that here in commenting on this feminist study?  Well, I am rejecting the spin in the press release.  Note that there are other findings and claims presented in the Executive Summary and press release.  But notice how these are presented:  “maybe.”

Many additional points are presented as mere possibilities of what the girls might believe.   The data does not support those other claims.  For example, are girls afraid of reporting true sexual violence because they fear their peers will razz them or male-dominated authority figures will sympathize with the boy that harassed them?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Could be.

What we read is an inkblot test.  The feminist study by the — get this — totally unbiased Children’s Advocacy Center (advocacy being the polar opposite of neutrality) — presents an inkblot test.  Feminist advocates see in the inkblot what they imagine, not what the data says.

But the girls aren’t buying it.  The feminists are upset that today’s girls and young women won’t go along with the complete abuse of the English language.  Girls are following the real meaning of actual words, and completely ignoring the feminist assault on the English language.  Girls are calling things what they are.

Yes, school discipline appears to be non-existent and boys are out of control.  Parents ought to be down at the school board meeting screaming for better discipline during the day when their children are entrusted to government teachers.

Should we do more to punish, stop, and deter any unwanted sexual touching much less sexual assault of girls and women?  Uh, duh!  Yeeeeessss!    But why is that in years gone by every school boy already knew that he did not dare touch a girl like that without consent?  Most school boys wouldn’t dare touch a girl like that even with consent unless he could run faster than her father and also dodge a shotgun blast.

Should public schools tell girls it is okay to come forward and report such misconduct.  Absolutely.  But maybe we should ask why it is even necessary when it wasn’t necessary in decades past.  Maybe we really should look for “root causes” as Jocelyn Elders kept lecturing us.

But the feminist movement can’t get girls to go along with their project of transforming some boys sometimes being jerks into a larger lesson about the evils of all men everywhere and the failures of American society.


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