AUN-TV CEO Dana Allen Will Be On 5PM PST

Donn Dabney, Rick Miron and Jamie Waterman have a weekly talk radio show in the Wine Country.  It is also aired in LA and on quite a few internet radio platforms. Dana Allen of will be the guest tonight, Donn said Dana should join the show about 5:20PM, May 2nd.

It is a great show, have listened to some prior ones, they are fun guys.   They get great guests, the three prior being Jack Cashill, Roger Stone and Dan Bongino.   Where ever you are, you can listen at and in Wine country it is KSVY 91.3 and the call in is 707-933-9133.

The topic will be AUN-TV and uncensored news, a topic they are comfortable with if you check out there guest list.   Hope you can listen and call in.

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