Obama Willing to Shoot Americans for Cattle? BLM Backs Down, Bundy Ranch Wins.

Obama Willing to Shoot Americans for Cattle? BLM Backs Down, Bundy Ranch Wins.

At the point the Federal agents under Obama’s control said on loudspeakers that they would shoot people for cattle the Sherriff steps in and Obama’s agents retreated.

This video report by David Knight of Infowars has an amazing revelation.   That about 200 armed federal agents with rifles drawn mostly believed to be BLM agents and for certain to be under the control of President Obama actually used loudspeakers to inform the peaceful protesters at the Bundy Ranch that they be shot and presumably killed if they tried to return the Bundy’s cattle to the Bundy Ranch.   Obama’s agents put no limit on this, so they were willing to kill people for one cow that did not belong to them!

It is not the cattle that Obama is really after.   It is expansion of federal power and his personal power through the reduction in American citizens rights.  And at the same time to help Harry Reid get a Communist Chinese $5 billion  solar project that his son Rory Reid is a paid lobbyist for, by taking the Bundy’s ranch away from them to give to the Chinese.

Mr. Bundy was the holdout, the BLM was able to bully all the other ranchers and took their ranches away from them.  Here is the report on the BLM retreat.  Hats off to David Knight.


Here is a video of a neighboring rancher whose ranch was in effect stolen by the BLM.


  1. The recent standoff between the out-of-control Federal Government trying to seize the private property of a Nevada cattle rancher clearly illustrates why the Second Amendment was created in the first place. The feds would have created a political and social nightmare for itself if it had not retreated. It would have been a different story if the Feds were the only ones who had guns. Thank our Founders for the Second and Tenth Amendments.


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