Is Sharyl Attkisson One Of The Best Things For Uncensored News in Years?

Is Sharyl Attkisson One Of The Best Things For Uncensored News in Years?

AUN-TV will weigh in with a big Yes to that. Insiders spilling the beans (truth) on how news is corrupted, as former CBS reporter Bernie Goldberg did about 15 years ago, truly helps. Watch amazing video revelations by Sharyl inside.

CBS has a bad reputation for corrupting the news which has ruined their ratings.  A very legitimate reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, tried to do uncensored news at CBS.  And she did.  But as is normal in what can be called the Pretend Media, the good apples are weeded out; CBS was uncomfortable with her real news format and the two have parted ways.   Now she is spilling the beans, as these videos show.

First Video: How Obama has an Organized Campaign to Censor News Stories That is Working.

This is an amazing revelation of value to all Americans who want to know how the news media really works.

Next Video: Attkisson Tells CNN Reporter That “Non Profits” Like Media Matters can be Paid Media Hit Men.   A standard technique in the Pretend Media is to ask a question, as CNN does here, as if it could not possibly be true.  Attkisson is not intimidated and says that indeed Media Matters may have been paid to attack her.

Uncensored news is so unusual and threatening to some parties that it led to a highly sophisticated computer hacking of her private and work computers in 2013.  It was a pro job, with special effort to cover the tracks of the hacking.   They were searching on her computers for data.  What were they looking for for?  Well,  she was working on the Benghazi cover-up where four Americans, including our Ambassador, were murdered without any attempt by the Obama Administration to rescue them during the many hours of the attack.

In a crime, motive and means are the key aspects of determining suspects.  Who has the motive and means in this hacking case?  The prime suspect  is rather obvious, the Obama Administration.  That does not mean they did it, it just means they are the number one suspect.

Watch CBS Report on The Hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s Computers:

This is a very positive thing for America, that a legitimate reporter, who worked in the not-so-legitimate CBS News organization, is coming forward and bravely telling us how CBS News really works.

  1. So Sharyl left the darkside and came into the light. Waaaaaaaaaaa whooooooooooooooooo!! I bet we will get more “intel” from her real stories with real value, now there is a concept.


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