Flight 370 Day 42, Parallels with TWA 800 News Cover-up?

Flight 370 Day 42, Parallels with TWA 800 News Cover-up?

It appears that on Flight 370 once again the majority of the news media companies in America have failed their customers.

For one week they pretended it was an accident with no foul play off the coast of Vietnam. Because that is what governments like the Malaysian and American wanted people to believe, in spite of the fact it was contrary to the evidence as reported here in the first week http://aun-tv.com/was-the-malaysian-airlines-plane-stolen-a-criminological-view/

In fact they went out of the way to try and ridicule foul play theories and those that thought governments might be covering things up, as we reported here http://aun-tv.com/why-did-it-take-a-week-for-the-establishment-media-to-wake-up-on-flight-370/. One of the worst cases of this media malpractice was by CNN’s Peter Bergen in this article http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/09/opinion/bergen-passenger-jet-mysteries/

He selected the TWA800 story as a parallel in regard to people who had distrusted the US government’s official version of what happened. A very strange parallel, as there were three investigations into TWA800 that did not agree with the “official” story. One was by the Union for aircraft workers, one by the organization for retired air crash investigators, and one by the NTSB (National Transportation and Safety Board). The first two concluded that TWA800 was brought down by an external high explosive event such as a missile strike. The third (NTSB) agreed with the first two but was corrupted by higher ups into falsifying their report. Key figures have come forward to confess that in the last year.

Now, seventeen years later, the truth is finally coming out. Among the guilty individuals coming forward to confess their involvement in the cover-up are highly respected men from various industries and fields. They each appear in the documentary telling their own, detailed, personal story. One was an NTSB investigator. One was a TWA investigator. And one was an Airline Pilots Association investigator. And all were forced by the FBI and the Justice Department to falsify their findings.

As detailed by The Daily Mail, each man tells his story in the documentary. Prior to the film’s release next month, they are only giving short statements. But those statements are shocking enough. One says, “The very next day [after the crash], the FBI came to speak to me and said, ‘you did not see that, you saw nothing’.” Another explains, “We weren’t allowed to talk about the TWA 800 investigation when we were inside. We had to retire first. That took a while.”


So CNN’s Bergen tried to ridicule people that believed the two legitimate investigations and did not believe a third that has now been confessed to be a cover-up by insiders. In fact one of the key NTSB investigators testified before Congress about the corruption and this was censored by news companies such as CNN that believe assisting the government comes first and the truth second. You can see that testimony here:

And you can watch his update on the cover-up on Australian 60 Minutes here where he admits 100% of the evidence indicated an external explosion:

So what does this have to do with Flight 370? First that it is a known fact it is foolish to blindly trust governments and news organizations like CNN in air crashes investigation as proved by TWA 800. Second is as Yogi Berra once said “It is like Deja Vu all over again”.

It turns out that multiple governments knew from day one that Flight 370 had done a U Turn and headed south as they later confessed in this CNN report when their cover-up had began to unravel:

CNN-Reverses on MalaysianPlaneOffCourse

Now everyone agrees that there has been cover-ups and disinformation by governments in the 370 case. After 42 days not one signal piece of wreckage has been found anywhere although the media and governments has indicated it would happen soon or had happened. Today everyone agrees that foul play is totally indicated, although that was pooh poohed for the first week.

We now know (it was covered up at the time) that Flight 370 went up over 40,000 feet, an indication whoever controlled the cockpit at that point was trying to kill the passengers with oxygen deprivation.

Here is just a 5 day long list of all the false stories reported in the news. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/malaysia-airlines-flight-370-a-look-at-the-many-red-herrings/

March 8: Around 9:00 a.m., more than an hour after Malaysia Airlines reported the Boeing 777 missing, rumors spread on the Internet that the plane had safely landed at an airport in southern China. These quickly turn out to be baseless. Later in the day, search planes spot two long oil slicks in the South China Sea, but tests later show the oil was not from an aircraft.

March 9: Vietnam says a search plane spots objects in the South China Sea suspected to be from the plane, but they turn out to be unrelated. Malaysia’s air force chief says there were indications on military radar that the jet may have turned back from its flight path and crossed the Malay peninsula after its communications systems went off. Authorities intensify their search on the western side of the country and in the northern part of the Strait of Malacca.

March 10: Searchers spot a floating yellow object, spurring speculation it could be a life raft, but it is found to be moss-covered piece of sea trash.

March 11: News early on that two of the 239 passengers on board used stolen passports fueled speculation of terrorism. Malaysian police determined that two men who boarded the plane with stolen passports were Iranians seeking to illegally migrate to Europe and not terrorists. (AUN-TV Note: There is no particular reason to believe this Malaysian police conclusion)

March 12: A Chinese state agency releases images of three white objects floating in the sea close to the plane’s last confirmed position in the South China Sea, but Vietnamese and Malaysian searchers find nothing at the spot.

I was told by a former American Military Intelligence Officer 10 years ago that the USA military knows where every plane in the world in the air is, real-time and down to a Cessna 172. That only makes sense considering how much money we spend on such things.

So it is most likely that at least one government knows what really happened to Flight 370, just as both the American government and most news media companies knew what really happened to TWA800, but are covering it up.  In fact the families of the victims say the Malaysian government refuses to answer the majority of their questions.

The news reports today tend to leave out the date of the disappearance, as it is so embarrassing, and meekly conceded that the passengers are likely dead: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/04/20/search-malaysia-flight-370/7933873/


Albert Einstein is famous for a quote about insanity. More accurately would be to say foolishness than insanity or over 90% of us are insane. But his point is valid.


To blindly believe news outfits like CNN, and governments, is insanity according to Einstein. As over and over the results prove that doing so will lead to being wrong.




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