Amazing Video of the Final Confrontation at Bundy Ranch, Filmmaker “They Were Ready to Die”

Amazing Video of the Final Confrontation at Bundy Ranch, Filmmaker “They Were Ready to Die”

See video of filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch walk towards the BLM front lines. Kudos to Fox News and Megan Kelly for putting this video on the air. No Network except for Fox was at the news event. They will send hundreds to the forgotten Peterson Trial but not one reporter or camera to the biggest story in America that day.

The corruption and phoniness of the majority of news media companies in America was very apparent at the Bundy Ranch.   They were trying to censor the fact this confrontation was happening, the best they could.  Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch tells us what really happened there, with video to prove it.

See video of Dennis walking towards the BLM armed front lines.  He said the Bundy’s and their supporters were willing to die over this cause.


It came very close to being a massacre.   50 people could have easily died that day and ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN did not want the American public to know what was going on, so they sent no one.

But for news items of little national importance such as the forgotten Peterson Trial they will sends hundreds and spend millions for a Media Circus.

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Peterson Media Circus


  1. That was a great video, and this does appear to be the “real deal” story.

    I’m writing the BLM an email because my cousin’s in-laws have a family employee that works BLM in that region and if he should die then our family will mortgage homes (estimate capital raised would be $225,000 easily) to pay for lawyers to file litigation on someone (my cousin is like a sister).

  2. There is more to the story and the MSM knows it. That is why they were not there. We need to put some facts together. Who was (now convicted for a felony) Harvey Whittemore? What did Harvey Whittemore and Harry Reid have in common? Why is Harry Reid’s son have in common with the land and his new position with the Communist Chinese? How did Harry Reid’s staffer qualify to run BLM? Why are these “sacred” turtles being killed by the BLM who are suppose to protect them? Did the BLM purposefully destroy water holes/equipment to force the cows to trespass? Why is the State Watermaster investigating this felony and having the Governor close the air corridor so the Feds don’t mess with the crime scene and destroy evidence? Finally, where is PETA? They are everywhere else but absent from protecting animals like these turtles, cows, calves and bulls! I am betting that AUN-TV will answer these and many more questions.

    • Hi Juanita, Very interesting. Never thought of the PETA angle. Indeed why do they look the other way at the mass purposeful killing of Tortoises by the BLM? There is the claimed agenda and the real agenda.

      Government agency planned to kill hundreds of endangered tortoises last year, now they want to save them by invading a Nevada rancher

      By John Vibes

      NEVADA (INTELLIHUB) — All week we have been reporting on the stand off at Bundy Ranch, where a family of ranchers and hundreds of supporters have stood up against federal agents in a property rights dispute that has been brewing for decades.

      The federal agency responsible for this altercation, The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, or BLM claims that this area must be taken from the rancher to protect an endangered species of tortoise that is native to the area.

      However, this same agency had planned to kill hundreds of these tortoises just last year, in this very same area, when budget cuts caused a local wildlife preserve to shut down.

      When plans to euthanize these animals were made public, there was a huge backlash, and the BLM decided against killing the tortoises, and instead released them into the wild.

      It is actually very common for government “wildlife preservation” organizations to exterminate animals that they don’t know how to deal with.

      • If the BLM “does not know how to deal with” turtles etc., why would they believe they could deal with cattle any better?


        This is the “bull” story and also more information on the “water lines and stock waterers”. I have to hand it to FOX News to have done this reporting. Now, if only the rest of America could understand what is going on.

        This is NOT about grazing fees etc. just as Congress is considering the Sage Hen (grouse) endangered species listing. This is a fight of and for Americans making a living on THEIR lands without the FEDERAL government interfering. As with listing more and more “spotted owl” like creatures, it is about making people go onto the “reservations” that our benevolent government has created for us. This is called, “rewilding of America.” Many of us have been fighting this “elitist” plan for thirty or more years! God help Americans. The 4th branch of government (the people and the media) have failed them by their brainwashing by MSM. Thank God for people like you and AUN-TV.

        • Juanita, Thank you for your kind words. We need to precondition all Americans to not look at the claimed reason for things but what is the real reason things are happening. Obama claimed the “You Can Keep Your Healthcare”, but it was known that by 2010 that law he modified insisted healthcare plans be taken away form millions. The Pretend Media hid that to assist Obama. The Spotted Owl is not the real reason as you state, they are the Pretend Reason. Sage Grouse are way down, why? Not picking on government, just the truth, it is introduced species such as Chukars with gov approval/assistance that caused the decline, in the 1920s Sage Grouse were doing great. Then:

          Bureau of Biological Survey records indicate only 54 chukars were imported into the U.S. between 1901 and 1911. But from the 1930s through the 1960s, thousands of chukars were released in nearly every state. Washington received its first birds in 1931, California in 1932, Idaho in 1933, Nevada in 1935, Utah in 1936, Wyoming in 1939 and British Columbia in 1950.

          Introductions in states with poor habitat failed, but chukars did well in western high country. Nevada was the first to achieve success. A 2-day hunt there in 1947 was the first open season in the U.S. Washington was next in 1949, followed by Hawaii (1952), Idaho (1953), California (1954), Wyoming (1955), Oregon and Utah (1956), Colorado and British Columbia (1958) and Montana (1959).

  3. We must not forget infowars and Alex Jones for his contribution to this amazing stand against tyranny.

  4. Besides Megan Kelly, Alex Jones played a big part in this story against tyranny.

    • Thomas, Yes Alex Jones and Infowar’s David Knight did wonderful work on this story. If you read the two prior AUN-TV stories on Bundy, you will see video of Knight interview another rancher nearby who was run out of business by the BLM on purpose. It reveals the real reason behind this.


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