Report That BBC Faked Syrian Chemical Attacks, With Video Evidence. Is the BBC a Pretend Media Source?

Report That BBC Faked Syrian Chemical Attacks, With Video Evidence.  Is the BBC a Pretend Media Source?

RT has video showing that the BBC tampered with the audio of a nurse saying napalm attack, replacing it with “Chemical Attack”. The objective? To get USA into another war?

The video is by RT,  which is Russia Today.  It covers both the Syrian War and the Ukraine Crisis.  RT is under the financial control of Russia, so it is under the control of Putin, in effect.   We mention this so the viewer is fully informed.  The case RT makes that the BBC faked and fabricated news and videos, so as to engineer getting the USA and UK into another war, is quite good.  It is being confirmed by UK political figures.

Being we are the American Uncensored News Network we err on the side of revealing things to the American people instead of hiding them, that is why we are providing this video.  As to The Ukraine,  their case is not as convincing and RT has a huge conflict of interest, being they are controlled by Russia.

It is historical fact that incidents are faked, or allowed to happen, so as to start wars.  Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer, told me in a Board Meeting in 1999 that Pearl Harbor was a cover-up.  He was in the battle, taking his plane off during the attack.  He told me we had broken the Japanese Code, knew the attack was coming and did not tell Admiral Kimmel it was coming. Then “railroaded” Kimmel with a court martial.   The Navy revoked the court marshal of Kimmel in recent years, admitting in effect he was the fall guy in a cover-up.

  1. I’m sorry, your article itself is so full of holes and the fact that you go on to mention that ‘you’re media’ is on the side of telling facts when it’s already out there that it’s not, make youre article bias and really just hillbillish….no offence but you lost a reader.

    • Hi Liz, Can you be more specific? It appears undeniable that the video interview was audio doctored and that an old video was recycled for a newer story. If you have any evidence to the contrary we are interested.


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