Panic in Whitehouse Over Staged Press Briefings Being Revealed by CBS Reporter? Cover-up in Process?

Panic in Whitehouse Over Staged Press Briefings Being Revealed by CBS Reporter?  Cover-up in Process?

The video still exists. AUN-TV perceived the revelation that the story we just reported would create a firestorm if the public found out. That has already happened and a cover-up appears to be talking place. However AUN-TV made a copy of the video before it was pulled down, anticipating that would happen.

Almost as soon as AUN-TV posted the news story with the title “CBS News Confesses Whitehouse Press Conferences are Staged and Scripted with Reporters Collaboration” an apparent cover-up was begun.   The report by CBS reporter Catherine Anaya was up on YouTube,  which we not only watched,  but made a copy of in case censorship was attempted on this story. Checking the story shortly thereafter this is what we saw. ScreenShotCBSvideoCarneyPulledDown

Then a quick check showed that both the Whitehouse and the CBS station were trying to run away from the revelation that Whitehouse Press Briefings are staged.   Before we show the denials, first view what the CBS reporter said on air.  AUN-TV is showing just 16 seconds of the video,  which is protected under the Fair Use doctrine for news gathering.  We include a clip from “Naked Gun” for comparison of Leslie Nielsen’s acting ability to that of Jay Carney.

She could not be more clear.  In a detailed manner she describes how some reporters and Jay Carney get together before Whitehouse Press Briefings and rehearse questions and answers.   Likely the same method was used in the Soviet Union in their controlled media system.  She said:

“And then he also mentioned that a lot of times, unless it’s something breaking, the questions that the reporters actually ask — the correspondents — they are provided to him in advance.  So then he knows what he’s going to be answering and sometimes those correspondents and reporters also have those answers printed in front of them, because of course it helps when they’re producing their reports for later on. So that was very interesting.”

Now both Carney and the reporter are trying to deny what has already been revealed.   It reminds one of a famous scene in Naked Gun “Move along folks there is nothing to see here.”

With American’s trust in the news media near record lows, this will not help their credibility.   AUN-TV’s mission is to both to provide uncensored news and expose news censorship by others.

Now for the denials:

Jon Ralston          @RalstonReports

So WH reporters give @PressSec questions in advance? I used to admire so many of those folks. Democracy unravels: …   NOTE THIS VIDEO LINK HAS BEEN KILLED SINCE THEN

.@RalstonReports Briefings would be a lot easier if this were true! Rest assured, it is not.


PHOENIX (CBS5) –            Statement from CBS 5 News’ Catherine Anaya on her White House visit:

“Last night during my live reports from the White House I attempted to describe the highlights of the day. I was speaking off the cuff and unscripted and in the process I made two major mistakes: I reported an off the record conversation and what I reported was not accurate. I took a conversation about the preparation for a press briefing and muddied it with my own experience of wanting to provide a question for the press briefing. I incorrectly applied the process to everyone. That was wrong and it was bad reporting. But it was not intentional and I would never purposely report inaccurate information. The White House never asked for my questions in advance and never instructed me what to ask. I chose to provide one of my questions in advance of the press briefing because I wanted to make sure it would have broad appeal. I did not attribute or report factually last night and for that I deeply apologize. I pride myself on truth and objectivity. I sincerely regret any harm I’ve caused and I hope that you will continue to place your trust in the hardworking journalists who make up CBS 5 News.”

Again as Leslie Neilson absurdly said in Naked Gun “Move along folks there is nothing to see here.” as people are being blown out of windows of a building on fire.

  1. […] Note: Within minutes of this report being published the YouTube was pulled down as you can see above. AUN-TV will leave this story as is, except this note and will post a link here to a new story,  with video of the key 16 seconds of the confession for the American People to see, under the Fair Use doctrine.  AUN-TV anticipated a cover-up of the story, which was almost immediate, with denials by Jay Carney (Whitehouse) and CBS,  of what happened.  So we copied the video before it could be removed.  Stay tuned.      Here is the new story…  […]

  2. […] Whitehouse in now in a panic about this. Under Fair Use it should not be blacked out. That is here Panic in Whitehouse Over Staged Press Briefings Being Revealed by CBS Reporter? Cover-up in Process?… It has a funny video of Naked Gun where a building is blowing up and Leslie Neilson is saying […]

  3. Sounds like the reporter is in “saving my job mode” on the rebuttal. These days, nothing surprises me….”I was reporting what I thought was happening, but it wasn’t really because it was filtered by my own personality”…….. ok…..yeahhhhhh, I get it.

    It is so over the top, that you really have to consider if the “crisis actor” groups are actually being hired for these recent “school shootings” and other gun related events. If someone wanted to go somewhere, where it is guaranteed that there we no guns around to fight back, the middle school would be fertile ground. And then the horror effect of it all.

    In my limited life span of fifty some years, I have learned if something doesn’t make sense and doesn’t happen in a linear progression, there usually something VERY wrong. Believe me, there is SOMETHING VERY WRONG with what is going on in our country.

    • Rick, Interesting points. In the news business, and normal business and life have found if something does not make sense there is a conflict of interest going on and indeed it does make sense to the person doing the inexplicable.

      Anaya was simply telling the truth, and as an outside the beltway reporter did not realize that it was a secret to be kept from the public. Notice the anchors in AZ accepted it without any surprise, then the truth hit the fan, and like you said her job likely was at stake unless she came up with something to try and deny the obvious.

  4. I have know about the “White House” FREE PRESS situation for at least 20 years. A friend was able to be a reporter there and asked a “non-scripted” question. He was banned from ever being there again. This also happened to other reporters from the MSM. If you want news, don’t go to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. Now we can go to AUN-TV!!!

    • Hi Juanita, Thank you for your comment! At AUN-TV we are dedicated to taking the peoples side over those in the news media that practice malpractice in their craft. We are most interested in your reporter friends story, please do send us the info, we would love to expose it.


  5. I have first hand experience that the President is not picked by the people. That too is scripted. The whole thing is a giant Broadway show and we are but the audience.

    Why would we have any hope in the major corporate controlled media? The exciting new wrinkle is that everyone is going around with their cellular phones and can be on site of a major event and be able to get real uncensored news to private media stations like yours. Thank you.


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