Why is Wealth Inequality Getting Worse in California? The Great Conflict of Interest

Why is Wealth Inequality Getting Worse in California?   The Great Conflict of Interest

The Establishment News Media, Jerry Brown and Barack Obama all see the problem. Do they ever think about looking in the mirror for the cause? What about The Great Conflict of Interest?

The people complaining about wealth Inequality are the ones in charge.  The Governor, the President and the Establishment News Media.    No one else has much of a say in California.

This article in Sacramento Bee talks about the problem without ever mentioning who is in charge.


If something bad is happening, one of the first questions to ask is, who has to gain by it?  Is there a Conflict of Interest?  Who gains by poverty and income inequality?  That is pretty easy to figure out.  In destroyed neighborhoods with hopelessness and crime but few jobs, who gains?   The most powerful organization in America gains.   It is in fact the very best thing that can happen to the most powerful organization.

Who loses? Everyone else, the people, the country and organizations that compete with the most powerful organization in America.   What is that organization? A hint is that all three of the parties most in control of California and its economy, Brown, Obama and the Establishment News Media,  all belong to that organization that wins from poverty, failure, crime, despair and extreme wealth inequality.  That is one of the reason they like to talk about it.

President Obama even told a joke about how the Establishment Media was in his pocket and they agreed with him.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mhwH3wspZk

The most powerful organization in America wins from and is highly dependent on failure, poverty, a lack of jobs and hopelessness.  This  creates The Great Conflict of Interest.

The conflict of interest is that the most powerful organization in America that controls California almost 100%,  is the Democrat Party.  The districts that vote over 85% Democrat have a great deal of despair and crime but few jobs.  If the district gets worse it will vote 90% for Democrats and if the economy gets even worse it will then vote over 95% Democrat.   The 90%+ Democrat districts such as areas of Detroit, Flint, Oakland, etc. are the very worse places to live in America.  The murder rate often is over 500% higher than in swing districts or the national average.  No child in America should have to grow up in these murderous hell holes.   But it is the very best thing for the most powerful organization in America.  It benefits that organization more than anything else.

So why should Governor Brown or President Obama improve the situation for those children that are trapped in those districts?  It could be political suicide for them.  However if they can increase income inequality, as they have, it helps them.  This may explain why they have put into place the policies that have created so much wealth inequality.

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