Is the Trayvon Martin Case Indicative of Racism and Vigilante Mob Rule in America?

Is the Trayvon Martin Case Indicative of Racism and Vigilante Mob Rule in America?

It has been said over and over on TV news that the Trayvon Martin case was based on racism and vigilantism.

Well there is a lot of truth to that.

Lets start with what we have been told by those very same TV reporters.  First what do Martin and Zimmerman look like?

For the first month this is what they looked like:


This is a 4 year old photo of Trayvon at 13 when he was about 1 foot shorter than he is today (about 6 foot 2 inches) And it is about a 4 year old old photo of George when he was weighed about 40 pounds more than he does now.   Why did they use 4 year old photos when new ones are available?  It is all about racism and vigilante mob rule.
Or they looked like this:
Notice the angelic and ghostly appearance of Trayvon.  It does not look real, does it?  His eyes look quite unreal. It is not real, that is why.  Again this is all about racism and vigilante mob rule.  Here is what the original photo of Trayvon looks like side by side with doctored photo:
On the left is the original photo, but the public is only allowed to see the highly doctored photo on the right.  Why was his skin digitally air brushed smooth and skin tone lightened and the photo stretched vertically to narrow his face?  It is indeed racism and an attempt to incite racist mob rule.  Which has succeed to a large degree.  People have been beaten just because of the color of their skin and angry mobs have taken to the street based on the racism that has been agitated by the TV news media.  This has been done with a disregard for truth and justice, the very worse type of vigilantism.

Do you doubt the darker photo on the left is the original?  Good for you, there is no reason to trust news media companies, until they have proven their credibility.   For the record here is the original photo in the Miami Herald before the scam was hatched by other media outlets.  You can view it on their site here: Notice it is a Getty Image and the date.  The fake photos, which for a year are generally the only photos the American public are allowed to see by the Pretend Media, are no accident.  They know they are fabricating news with fake photos.


Here is another example of the very same thing:
The photo on the left is OJ Simpson’s real mug shot and notice that Time greatly darkened OJ’s face and widened it, the opposite of what they did with Trayvon.  Why?  Because the Democrat dominated media are willing to use racism, but they apply their racism to different  races at different times for different reasons.  Sometimes it is sensationalism other times it is to help the Democrat Party.  In the case of OJ,  Time wanted him to look more evil and Time thinks that dark African skin color and wider faces look more evil, so they altered the photo for sensationalism.

In the case of Trayvon the Pretend Media, with the urging of the Democratic Party and Obama, wanted to flame racism in America to the benefit of Democrats.  Which is an old and evil trick that Democrats have used for 180 years.   So the same liberal Democrat Media cabal, thinking the same way, decided to fake the photo by making Trayvon look much more White.  That fake photo has been carried around in street demonstrations (or maybe street mobs is more accurate) by African Americans not realizing those that created it think their African skin looks too evil and criminal to create sympathy, so to fan public outrage they “Whitened” Trayvon.

Here is Obama’s call to inject racism into the investigation where he says Trayvon looks like what Obama’s son would look like if he had one.   That is totally against the ideal of color blind justice.  Whether the skin color matches the head of state, is something to not even mention.

Using racism to win elections has been deeply embedded in the the Democratic Party from 1830 to today.  One of the favorite historical figures for Democrats today is Margret Sanger.  They call her a visionary.  In 1939, this heroine of Hilary Clinton’s and Democrats, Margaret Sanger the Founder of Planned Parenthood said: “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social service backgrounds and with engaging personalities … We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”  We should not be surprised at this,  as Democrats created the KKK for racist prevention of voting rights after having lost their war against the United States to perpetuate racist slavery.


Hilary Clinton recently gratefully accepted the Margaret Sanger Award,  as Sanger is a heroine to her, even though Sanger confessed in her books to having much in common with the KKK and speaking at Ku Klux Klan meetings.
Their tradition of using racism to win elections is what the Trayvon Martin press coverage is all about.
Other evil entities have used altered photos too.  Below Stalin and the Communists would murder internal rivals then their Pretend Media deleted them from photos.
After Trotsky was murdered the Soviet Pretend Media air brushed him out of existence in the lower photo.

So what does Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman really look like?   ABC finally put out recent photos of both of them, as they likely realize that their attempt at racist propaganda is unraveling:

The MSNBC and CNN types convicted Zimmerman of murder for weeks on air and did not want you to know that Martin is much taller than Zimmerman.  Compare what they looked like at the time of the fight with the old photos they used to demonize Zimmerman as someone that shot a skinny short little 13 year old kid at the top of this article.  It is a night and day difference.  It appears that for the purpose of fanning racism, as a way to help Obama, they fraudulently used photos to try and deceive all of us.

What about the MSNBC and CNN types who publically claim that people are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?  Well that is a lie, they do not believe that or they would have never acted the way they have in this case.  It is a repeat of the conviction on TV of the innocent Duke Lacrosse players all over again.  At least in that case the prosecutor who collaborated with the Pretend Media went to jail.

The Pretend Media consistently gets most of the facts wrong in these cases and falsely convict people on their Trial by TV kangaroo courts.  We are fortunate that only several people have been  beaten by racists because of their false coverage on this, as over 100 could easily be dead by now with people like Spike Lee giving out a false address for Zimmerman and Mike Tyson saying it is a shame Zimmerman has not been murdered yet, and MSNBC host Al Sharpton declaring that Zimmerman was a racist that hunted down Martin.   It now appears he may have committed no crime at all.  A photo taken 3 minutes after the shooting seems to confirm Zimmerman’s account.  No wonder the police did not hold him.  They have now charged him no doubt because of the racist mob rule hysteria the Pretend Media has generated about this story with their false reporting.

Zimmerman claimed that the much taller and apparently also stronger Martin was on top of him slamming his head against the concrete.  That is attempted murder on the part of Martin, if that is what happened.  I have seen someone do it once, a terrifying thing to see, blood was splattering up on a store window I was inside.

If someone was slamming my head against concrete and I could not stop them, which appears to be the case for Zimmerman, I would shoot them if I could.  Each slam could cause death by itself.
Here is what Zimmerman looked like 3 minutes after the shot:
Just as Zimmerman said, photo indicates Martin bashed his head on the edge of a concrete sidewalk.
Zimmerman also claimed that Martin beat him in the face and broke his nose.  Again this police car photo backs Zimmerman up.  Have you seen this photo?  CNN buried it on their web but no one recalls seeing it on air.  The Pretend Media had the evidence to exonerate Zimmerman all along, but mostly censored it.

How can you convict someone of not acting in self defense beyond a reasonable doubt, when the evidence indicates he likely was acting in self defense?

The Pretend Media also played the police video after Zimmerman was cleaned up and given first aid, over and over, declaring that Zimmerman was lying because there were no injuries and no blood.  The Pretend Media has been proven wrong again, but what would happen if a witness had not taken a picture at the scene or the police had not also taken pictures at the scene?

There is more, NBC totally altered the 911 call audio to falsely report that Zimmerman  said, “he looks like is is up to no good, he looks black” when is fact he did not say that.   Zimmerman never mentioned race, until a later separate question from the police as to what race is the suspect?  NBC did admit guilt on this, but did not fire anyone, that we know of.

CNN and MSNBC also said Zimmerman used the word “coon” on the 911 tape to describe Martin, then they had to admit later he never said that.  What he said was the night was “cold”.

In this case we have shown that politics is more important than truth, justice and public safety to many of the larger news media companies.  In this case it was to benefit the Democratic Party.  That is not the issue.  Censoring and fabricating the news in an attempt to frame someone of murder is the real issue, no matter what the motive for it is.
What can we do about this?   Boycott the Pretend Media, and if you can, become the Media.     There is no rule that only frauds that believe in censorship and fabrication can own media outlets.  If you can not become the Media, support real media companies that report the news in an uncensored manner.

-Dana Allen

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